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The company is an international freight forwarding agency approved by the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation of China. The main business of the company: import and export goods by sea, land, air, and international multimodal transport, providing customs clearance, customs clearance, commodity inspection, insurance, delivery, door to door and other services.

Company with rich service experience, good management level, the structure of the excellent talents, rely on with APL, CMA, says there, CSAV, DELMAS, EMC, K - LINE, MAERSK, MSC, OOCL, PIL, RCL, SAF, YML, ZIM, such as the carrier company established good relations of cooperation and extensive overseas agents network, expand routes advantages to Africa, southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America and other countries and regions, shipment density is big, the shipping space advantage and price advantage, It can provide efficient and convenient service for buyers, processing enterprises and production enterprises at home and abroad.

The company adopts the modern high and new technology, the implementation of network management, with a set of scientific, accurate, safe and practical computer management information system. The company has strict management, orderly operation procedures and a number of young, professional quality, sincere unity, good at cooperation of the staff. Our company is a self-operated customs broker, storage yard, warehouse and land transportation company, forming a complete set of service network, providing customers with one-stop service from stowage booking, customs declaration and inspection, production and loading and delivery, fumigation and storage, customs record annual review, document preparation, manual checking and so on.

The tenet of the company is "honesty". The most sincere to the letter is the enterprise prestige safeguard, is the enterprise existence and the development vitality.

Company development people-oriented. The company pays attention to the introduction of excellent talents, staff quality training, company culture education. Sincerely hand over people from all walks of life to seek cooperation and common development.

The company operates on the basis of service. All in the market demand customer satisfaction as the premise, innovation as the driving force in the future, we will continue to be realistic and enterprising, innovation, so that our service work is perfect, with you in the global business war step by step to win, win. Wish we sincerely hand in hand, create the future!

Over the years, we have been establishing strategic partnership with many international famous shipping companies, with the advantage of import and export tariff agreement, undertaking shipping routes covering ports all over the world, and ensuring the shipping schedule and shipping space required by customers on major global shipping routes. Through supporting trailer, customs declaration, inspection, cargo handling, warehousing, insurance and other services, can supply worldwide port to port, port to door, door to door, door to door shipping, import and export shipping, consolidation or distribution services.

Have professional and efficient high-quality staff team, for decades, based on close and friendly cooperation and mutual trust with the customs, customs supervision warehouse to modernization, terminal facilities, electronic systems for security, based on the advantage of freight rate, can be the carrier of the whole case to shuttle back and forth between China and all over the world such as maritime transport, LCL goods.

The company can issue its own bill of lading, to meet the customer's different foreign trade terms under the transport requirements, at the same time, our company in the world's ports and large and medium-sized cities have overseas perennial professional service network, can provide a variety of safe and fast foreign logistics services including customs clearance, unpacking, delivery.

Our company mainly undertakes the FCL and LCL shipping business from tianjin, dalian, Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, shenzhen, guangzhou, xiamen, Hong Kong and other major Chinese cities to Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Japan and southeast Asia, and overseas import to China FCL and LCL international shipping services.

Over the years, we by the route wide, the density is high, the freight rate is superior, the security, quick nimble, the thoughtful high quality service receives the customer praise widely. Our services allow you to focus only on your international import and export business, while tracking the flow of goods and progress. Just one phone call or one email, and leave the rest to us. It gives you more time and energy to grow your business.

After more than 10 years of development, we have established a good and solid brand reputation in the international freight market, undertake FCL, LCL total number of the forefront of the industry.


公司具有丰富的服务经验,良好的管理水平,优秀的人才结构,依靠与APL, CMA,说那里,CSAV,戴,EMC, K -行,马士基,MSC,东方海外,公益诉讼,RCL, SAF、YML、ZIM、承运人等公司建立了良好的合作关系和广泛的海外代理网络,航线优势扩大到非洲、东南亚、中东、欧洲和北美等国家和地区,运输密度大,凭借舱位优势和价格优势,可为国内外采购商、加工企业和生产企业提供高效便捷的服务。











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  • 主营业务









    • 国际集装箱出口:首选预订根据客户要求---国内集装箱拖车服务---港口码头包装服务 - 报关(检验)服务---目的香港海关 清关服务---目的港到门服务。
    • 国际集装箱进口:根据收件人的要求,首选订舱---国外集装箱拖车服务---码头港口包装服务 - 报关(报检)服务---国内清关服务(关税,相关政策咨询)---国内门到门服务。
    • 多家船公司、航线优势,为客户优选性价比最高的船公司
      • 每个船公司的包装服务合理,每个仓库和码头都有现场人员。可随时反馈包装进度。
      • 专业加固团队在大型设备,钢卷,钢材和其他商品的包装要求方面拥有绝对的经验。
      • 专业打托、缠膜、熏蒸服务
    • 货柜规格明细
    • 20尺钢制干货柜、40尺钢制干货柜、40尺超高钢制干货柜/li>


    1. 厚壁管,厚壁钢管,厚壁无缝钢管,小口径厚壁无缝钢管箱;提供航空运输和快递,空运和海运联合运输等联合运输解决方案;
    2. 货架管,防腐钢管包装;为世界各主要城市的港口提供清关和相关服务
    3. 门到门提货,代理报关,代理检验等服务; 联合代理发挥多年报关的优势,可以灵活处理深圳各海关港口物流难度高的货物,降低成本;
      1. 普通集装箱的整箱,拼箱货物运输;
      2. 特殊集装箱货物运输,包括开顶箱,框架箱,平板箱箱等;
      3. 相关配套预订,送货,商检,报关,熏蒸,仓储,送货和保险服务。
    4. 确保货物运输的安全。 集装箱运输大大减少了传统运输方式下的手动装卸和搬运次数。 这可以避免货物事故,如人为和自然因素造成的损坏,水分流失和损失,并减少经济损失。
    5. 节省包装材料的商品。 通过使用集装箱运输,可以简化或不包装,节省包装材料和成本,并降低商品成本。
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