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Our company is located at the confluence of five major tributaries of haihe river in north China plain, facing bohai sea in the east and yanshan mountain in the north. The company is a sino-foreign joint venture international freight forwarder officially approved by the ministry of economy and trade of the People's Republic of China. Including: contract transport of goods, booking space, storage, cargo transfer, container assembly and unpacking, customs supervision, settlement of freight, customs declaration, inspection, and related short-distance transport services. Our company has mechanical and chemical equipment agent to join and other products. Set research, development, production as one, strong technical force, including high, intermediate titles of engineering and technical personnel accounted for all staff more than 30%, all kinds of professional supporting equipment, advanced production technology, with a sound quality assurance system, product quality strict control, excellence, high pass rate of products. Over the years in the continuous efforts of scientific and technical personnel, the collection of the long, carefully developed mechanical products, technical indicators, priority in the national standard, in the same industry among the top. Our company with sincere heart, high quality products, comprehensive services, reasonable prices, welcome friends from all walks of life.

The company was founded in early 2004, is a professional company engaged in international container agent business. Headquartered in tianjin, the main tianjin xingang transportation and import and export business. Company with ZIM, HapagLloyd, CMA, CSAV, WANHAI, PIL, says there, OOCL and other shipping companies to maintain good relations of cooperation and signed shipping agency agreement. The company has its own warehouse in tianjin, can undertake land delivery. The company also has a fleet of vehicles responsible for hauling containers. The company has a good cooperative relationship with the customs, ports and declaration companies in tianjin port, and can handle import and export related businesses such as customs declaration, animal and plant inspection and quarantine, commodity inspection, and foreign exchange collection and payment for customers. The company has a group of professional and experienced business, operation, document processing, customs declaration personnel, the establishment of a sound management system and company management information system, the use of modern computer operating system and electronic network, all businesses have achieved computer management. Adhering to the purpose of honest freight, professional service, to provide customers with perfect, thoughtful and personalized service.

Company was founded in 1995, the registered capital of 5 million yuan. Is through the national approval of non-vessel shipping agent company, is one of the members of the international freight forwarders association. The international air freight business, established in 1999, with Korea, Japan airlines, northwest, dragonair, Air China, China southern airlines, such as dozens of airlines signed a cooperation agreement. And at the capital airport, binhai airport has its own warehouse and regulatory function library operation.

The company's professional agent international express, international air freight, ocean LCL, import and export agents, agents customs clearance, verification, express services: Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, the Middle East, Europe and the United States line, air France line! In May 2005, our company launched international express price concessions, professional service, safe and fast, so that you in the fierce business competition to win the dignity and advantage!

Company in the operation of international express, domestic and international air freight specialized international forwarding companies. Since its establishment in 1995, the company has established a good corporate image among domestic customers and the industry by virtue of its advanced management concepts and network advantages, as well as years of experience in international air express service. And with many foreign companies to establish a good relationship of cooperation.

Company staff in providing customers with "save time, energy, and money" business purpose, relying on the company's own foreign network on the basis of excellence, and the world famous international express company cooperation, through the international express network for the general customers to provide professional, safe and efficient international express services, with rich experience and highly customers trust; With the concept of "service innovation", the company is committed to providing customers with the best quality service and the most favorable price for a long time and is deeply loved by customers. "Safe, professional, fast" is our commitment to every customer. We sincerely look forward to working with you to create a better tomorrow.

DHL, FEDEX, TNT, EMS and other international express business agents. The company has a group of skilled, professional quality of the noble staff for your service, I believe that as long as you accept our service, as you personally to operate, let you worry, rest assured!








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    • 国际集装箱出口:首选预订根据客户要求---国内集装箱拖车服务---港口码头包装服务 - 报关(检验)服务---目的香港海关 清关服务---目的港到门服务。
    • 国际集装箱进口:根据收件人的要求,首选订舱---国外集装箱拖车服务---码头港口包装服务 - 报关(报检)服务---国内清关服务(关税,相关政策咨询)---国内门到门服务。
    • 多家船公司、航线优势,为客户优选性价比最高的船公司
      • 每个船公司的包装服务合理,每个仓库和码头都有现场人员。可随时反馈包装进度。
      • 专业加固团队在大型设备,钢卷,钢材和其他商品的包装要求方面拥有绝对的经验。
      • 专业打托、缠膜、熏蒸服务
    • 货柜规格明细
    • 20尺钢制干货柜、40尺钢制干货柜、40尺超高钢制干货柜/li>


    1. 厚壁管,厚壁钢管,厚壁无缝钢管,小口径厚壁无缝钢管箱;提供航空运输和快递,空运和海运联合运输等联合运输解决方案;
    2. 货架管,防腐钢管包装;为世界各主要城市的港口提供清关和相关服务
    3. 门到门提货,代理报关,代理检验等服务; 联合代理发挥多年报关的优势,可以灵活处理深圳各海关港口物流难度高的货物,降低成本;
      1. 普通集装箱的整箱,拼箱货物运输;
      2. 特殊集装箱货物运输,包括开顶箱,框架箱,平板箱箱等;
      3. 相关配套预订,送货,商检,报关,熏蒸,仓储,送货和保险服务。
    4. 确保货物运输的安全。 集装箱运输大大减少了传统运输方式下的手动装卸和搬运次数。 这可以避免货物事故,如人为和自然因素造成的损坏,水分流失和损失,并减少经济损失。
    5. 节省包装材料的商品。 通过使用集装箱运输,可以简化或不包装,节省包装材料和成本,并降低商品成本。
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