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The company is located in a stable and harmonious Tianjin-Tianjin city, where the transportation with the surrounding cities is convenient and the location advantage is obvious. We mainly provide related products and services such as import and export cargo transportation agents. The company has ample business area, large production capacity, and excellent product and service quality. At present, the company's business conditions are good. In the daily business process, we pay taxes, operate according to law, patriotism, and industry.
The company strictly carries out quality management, timely introduces advanced equipment and strengthens management, increases investment, bases on local, looks to the future, develops steadily, and constantly moves to the whole country, and is committed to providing reliable and trusted products and services to the public.
Under the concerted efforts of the employees, the market has been acclaimed for the company's product services. If you are interested in our main products, you can give me an online message consultation, or you can contact us. The company looks forward to cooperating with you. !
For a long time, we have always been "enthusiasm and full of innovation" as the work style, "customer first" as the basic principle, hope that through our professional level and unremitting efforts to serve our customers. We believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuit, we will be able to achieve mutual benefit and win-win with our customers.
The company is mainly engaged in aviation, railway shipping, international land transport and frozen goods and dangerous goods transportation, warehousing business, providing one-stop service for booking, operation, customs declaration, cargo tracking and ground transportation.
Our service network covers the whole world and domestic. Our service tenet is to provide unlimited logistics services in limited logistics space, develop modern logistics with extended services, provide you with exclusive logistics solutions and provide the best price. Minimize your shipping costs.
We currently have a number of major airlines (including China International Airlines, Air France, KLM, British Airways, Finnair, Airbridge, Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Thai Airways, Dragonair Cathay Pacific, etc.) With more than 50 routes and a global destination, we can provide you with air transportation solutions from anywhere in the world. Especially for the EU countries that are China's largest trading partners, we have the most powerful route transportation resources, and the contract board contracts cover all major transit points in Europe, including Frankfurt, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Milan, Moscow, and then cover the whole of Europe. To provide you with the most ideal, comprehensive and powerful solution for your European goods. At the same time, as the core agents of Air France, KLM, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Finnair, JAL and ANA, we are able to provide you with packaging and warehousing services, comprehensive customs clearance, commodity inspection consulting and insurance services. To provide you with accurate cargo inquiry service, so that you can grasp the transportation of goods at any time. We always adhere to the principle of "honesty, service first". We are striving to create a safe, secure and comfortable freight system for you with our customers' urgency. For the collection and delivery of goods, or for the carrier, airport, warehouse, customs inspection and other departments have important bridges and links. Whether it is data, bulk cargo or large transportation, you can quickly and safely reach the destination of the customer's request, so that the service can be extended without a sense of distance!
Service tenet: Customer first, integrity-based, safe and punctual, pursuit of timeliness
Service goal; first-class equipment, first-class management, first-class dispatch, first-class service
Every day, we will serve every guest with the utmost enthusiasm, update the operation process of each ticket in time, and patiently answer all kinds of questions of the guests. Regular training sessions and coordination meetings enhance the professional quality and communication of the customer service team. As a link in the process of import and export, the company closely links the site, route, overseas and logistics to provide customers with reliable services.

在员工的共同努力下,市场一直受到公司产品服务的好评。如果您对我们的主要产品感兴趣,您可以给我一个在线消息咨询,或者您可以联系我们。公司期待与您的合作。 !
我们目前拥有多家主要航空公司(包括中国国际航空公司,法国航空公司,荷兰皇家航空公司,英国航空公司,芬兰航空公司,Airbridge航空公司,新加坡航空公司,日本航空公司,全日本航空公司,阿联酋航空公司,马来西亚航空公司,泰国航空公司,港龙航空国泰航空公司等。 )我们拥有50多条航线和全球目的地,可以为您提供世界各地的航空运输解决方案。特别是对于作为中国最大贸易伙伴的欧盟国家,我们拥有最强大的航线运输资源,合同板合同涵盖欧洲的所有主要中转站,包括法兰克福,巴黎,伦敦,阿姆斯特丹,赫尔辛基,米兰,莫斯科和然后覆盖整个欧洲。为您的欧洲商品提供最理想,最全面,最强大的解决方案。同时,作为法航,荷航,英国航空,新加坡航空,泰国航空,芬兰航空,日本航空和全日空的核心代理商,我们能够为您提供包装和仓储服务,全面清关,商检服务和保险服务。为您提供准确的货物查询服务,让您随时掌握货物的运输。我们始终坚持“诚信为本,服务第一”的原则。我们正在努力为客户创造一个安全,安全,舒适的货运系统,以满足客户的需求。对于收集和交付货物,或为承运人,机场,仓库,海关检查等部门有重要的桥梁和环节。无论是数据,散货还是大型运输,您都可以快速安全地到达客户要求的目的地,从而可以延长服务距离!

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    • 国际集装箱出口:首选预订根据客户要求---国内集装箱拖车服务---港口码头包装服务 - 报关(检验)服务---目的香港海关 清关服务---目的港到门服务。
    • 国际集装箱进口:根据收件人的要求,首选订舱---国外集装箱拖车服务---码头港口包装服务 - 报关(报检)服务---国内清关服务(关税,相关政策咨询)---国内门到门服务。
    • 多家船公司、航线优势,为客户优选性价比最高的船公司
      • 每个船公司的包装服务合理,每个仓库和码头都有现场人员。可随时反馈包装进度。
      • 专业加固团队在大型设备,钢卷,钢材和其他商品的包装要求方面拥有绝对的经验。
      • 专业打托、缠膜、熏蒸服务
    • 货柜规格明细
    • 20尺钢制干货柜、40尺钢制干货柜、40尺超高钢制干货柜/li>


    1. 厚壁管,厚壁钢管,厚壁无缝钢管,小口径厚壁无缝钢管箱;提供航空运输和快递,空运和海运联合运输等联合运输解决方案;
    2. 货架管,防腐钢管包装;为世界各主要城市的港口提供清关和相关服务
    3. 门到门提货,代理报关,代理检验等服务; 联合代理发挥多年报关的优势,可以灵活处理深圳各海关港口物流难度高的货物,降低成本;
      1. 普通集装箱的整箱,拼箱货物运输;
      2. 特殊集装箱货物运输,包括开顶箱,框架箱,平板箱箱等;
      3. 相关配套预订,送货,商检,报关,熏蒸,仓储,送货和保险服务。
    4. 确保货物运输的安全。 集装箱运输大大减少了传统运输方式下的手动装卸和搬运次数。 这可以避免货物事故,如人为和自然因素造成的损坏,水分流失和损失,并减少经济损失。
    5. 节省包装材料的商品。 通过使用集装箱运输,可以简化或不包装,节省包装材料和成本,并降低商品成本。
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